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Fibre Core Manufacturing

by Gerich FIberglass

Company History


      Our company has been providing quality products since 1972 and began manufacturing trailers and other trailer related products in 1984.  Always at the forefront of design, we were approached with the need for lightweight yet durable trailers for the food and beverage industry.  Our unique uni-body design delivers with aerodynamic styling and incredible maintenance free interior and exterior finish.  This technology is an attractive alternative to metal products. Our manufacturing also extends to various contract products and wind turbine parts.  We are a full service fabricating facility from concept to prototype, mold building to final FRP products.


Mission & Philosophy


"To build on our position as a leading supplier of light weight fiberglass trailers. To continue development and marketing of custom designs. To be your final solution to a durable, light weight, and low maintenance all-fiberglass product for individuals and businesses alike."

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