Features & Customization Options

Our dynamic Fibre Core design consists of 2 skins of fiberglass (⅛" thick) vacuum sealed to a honeycomb core. Each interlocking section is first bonded and then secured with special fasteners creating a solid uni-body construction. For added strength and durability, a piece of steel is embedded into the fiberglass wherever a hinge, latch, or hardware is to be mounted. A vinyl trim piece is then attached with a self-adhesive bonding strip to cover the seam. The floor is fastened onto the frame and is easily detached if necessary. This lightweight construction will not ding, dent, or rust!

Standard Inside Features


Non-Skid All Fiberglass Floor

A 1/2" polyethylene honeycomb core provides for a strong, lightweight constructed, one piece floor with molded wheel wells for protection against leakage. Easy to clean up and can be hosed out with ease.


One Piece Fiberglass Roof and Ceiling

Insulated with "Fibre Core" construction, the roof has molded, recessed fluorescent lighting for safety and cleanliness.


Fiberglass serving awnings on 3, 2, or 1 sides

Light weight and supported by hydraulic air lifters with built-in stops.


Fiberglass Interior Counters

On all three sides made out of the same "Fibre Core" construction for strength, durability and lasting good appearance with molded fiberglass legs.


Fiberglass Overhead Shelves

On all four sides above each serving counter to keep supplies handy, yet up and out of the way


 Entry Door With Dead Bolt Lock


 Custom Exterior Gelcoat Color

Clear Coat Exterior Protection

 Spare Tire and Rim

  Standard or Double  18” opening screen set  Plexiglass inserts for screens

   Sliding window/screen entry door

 Fiberglass Fender Skirts

 Fiberglass undercounter doors

 20” Illuminated Header (PT714 only)

    20” Header sign (PT 710 & 714 models)

Under Counter Cash Drawer

 Lighted Awnings

Fold-out Stainless steel counters

Food Equipment

 Extra 110 Outlets

220v 50amp service upgrade

 13,000 BTU Air Conditioner

  Roof Vent

    Two 30" Propane tanks w/cover

   Custom cut-outs for installations

 Exhaust hoods

Drop In Insulated Fiberglass Ice Chest 

 Adjustable Cup Dispenser

 Vinyl Bottom Trim Skirting

Header Sign

Water System