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. . .” for the past eleven years our food trailer has not only helped build our reputation and positive image but also has become our most important means of generating revenue. We are ale to raise approx. $12,000 each year by holding around fifteen, three day week-end food outings. In fact, we purchased our trailer in 1997 and was able to pay it off in two years. It’s fiberglass construction keeps it free of rust and the one piece roof makes it leak-free. Many customers have commented that they were attracted to our trailer by its lighting and general appearance.”


Howard Harriman, President, Ontario Lions Club, Ontario, Ohio

. . .” we are extremely happy with our new Fire Core Trailer. It is very easy to maneuver and work from. We are pleased with you assistance and expertise in your design. It has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you in the future”


Jim Ruoff, VFW, Floyd County Post No. 3281, New Albany, Indiana



. . .” These trailers have worked really well for us here at Notre Dame. We use them for outside events where we do not have any permanent locations and events where we need to add additional points of sale. They pull extremely well and are easy to place. W like that we were able to work with you to design the interior of the trailer to our specifications.”

Hope Kaser, University of NOTRE DAME, Athletic and Stadium Concessions, Indiana

. . .” we have had a ton of compliments on the looks and quality of the trailer. The food and beverage inspector doesn’t even come around much, he knows it’s above code. I couldn’t be happier with the top quality workmanship and well though out design of the trailer”

Bill Fitzpatrick, Shaved Ice Trailer, Florida 




. . .”Our trailer has been a great investment for us. The earnings are only limited to how hard we are willing to work. Thanks to our “Fibre Core” trailer, 1992 was a great year for our club. The crowds really descend on our booth. Personally, I think it’s because our booth looks so modern and professional, and the food is not bad either. Ease of handling is also a plus for “Fibre Core” trailers. In just a few minutes, we’re set to go to any event. Clean up is also a breeze.


Hap Strunk, Whitley City Lions Club, Whitley City, Kentucky




. . .” Thank you for ll your assistance and support. It made the difference for us and the success of our season. The product you provided us is beautiful. Look forward to working with you in the future.”

Anita Kromer, Lyman Harbor, Sandusky, Ohio



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